Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation is the only treatment for chronic liver failure. It means replacing a sick liver with a healthy liver. Cirrhosis is the most common liver transplant disease group in the world. This is followed by some congenital diseases and some liver tumors.
Organs are needed for organ transplantation, and the source of organs is people. The appropriate organ for transplantation can be obtained from living donors, among the relatives of the patient.
For liver transplantation, first of all, the blood groups of the patient and the donor must be suitable. Then, the examination of the donor candidate begins. This process; It consists of social, psychological and medical evaluations. medical evaluation; blood and urine tests, investigation of infectious diseases, radiological examinations and taking the opinions of other medical units (cardiology, chest diseases, etc.). Many factors such as the amount of liver needed by the patient, the general health of the donor candidate, whether the liver can be divided appropriately, and the structure of the bile ducts play a role in the realization of the surgery between the patient and the donor candidate.

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